Biodegradable Bags by Stylo

Biodegradable is different in meaning from compostable. Simple meaning of biodegradable is being capable of being conveniently decomposed by living organisms or bacteria. These bags have gained massive popularity as it is not only safe for the environment but also eco-friendly. In order to make our lives free from pollution and other environmental hazards, Stylo is introducing biodegradable bags on Earth Day that can be recycled and renewed.
A healthy and comfortable life is a desire of every human on earth. Whether the comfort is linked with stylish shoes, trendy bags or elegant accessories, Stylo never ceases to satisfy its customer. Similarly, this time, on Earth day, Stylo once again has made an attempt to fulfil the requirement of their customers by giving rise to the new, durable and cheap biodegradable bags. Pakistan’s leading company depicts great pride in offering a wide range of products with uncompromising quality.
By presenting biodegradable bags, Stylo encourages awareness of the vital role that environment plays in protecting the earth from calamities unconsciously or consciously created by people. Therefore, it is essential to secure the earth by simply using these bags that will serve you as a savior of health.

I Don’t Want To Be Muslim Anymore.

I would rather choose to be a Human than to be a so-called muslim.

It’s really hard to speak out this statement but this is what i am feeling right now. I am writing at the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep now because I just saw a video clip in which hundreds of muslims were beating another muslim brother over wrong blasphemy allegation.

That person was a student of Journalism in Khan Abdul Wali Khan University in city of Mardan in KP province of Pakistan who was killed by a group of students in university.

mardan university

The alleged blasphemer student named as Mishal Khan was doing degree of Journalism and regularly updating his Facebook Page on different social and religious issues. When Mishal became unconscious after brutally beating by group of students then he was shot by attackers and murdered at spot in front of hundreds of students today. The incident occurred within the university premises in Mardan. His body was chopped into piece and was made naked.

What can be even more worst?

If Islam has taught such violent behaviour then i don’t want to be Muslim Anymore…

Islam is the most peaceful religion, violence has never be a part of Islam. Killing for Blasphemy, Honor Killing and all other type of violence promoting activities have no space in Islam. Such people are using Islam just because they are secure under the Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s Law. Alas!


Nomi Collection – Turkish Jewelry.

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Today i’m back with another amazing post and it’s all about Jewelry. While its the most interesting topic for girls to talk on and no doubt every girl is so selective about their jewelry collection so am I.

I personally have some skin issues and i’m allergic to metal, thus i can’t wear artificial jewelry for a long time. But these Turkish Jewelry from Nomi Collection didn’t leave any kind of reaction on my skin and it’s for real. Woah! Also they donate 30% of their profit to children charities this is one of the most amazing thing about this brand which i personally liked beside all of their creative work. MashaAllah.

A month ago they have just opened their shop in Pakistan, shop is on F49 1st floor, Dolman Mall, Karachi and after a few days of their opening i received a mail from NomiCollection which worth 15,000pkr. They have sent me a lot of jewelry pieces from their collection and i’m hell excited to share my experience with you guys.


This is the whole package they have sent to me ❤

No doubt, all of these jewelry pieces are looking so adorable, but there are few pieces i liked the most. you can see them in following pictures:


So, there are few looks I’ve created by using these jewelry pieces. Pictures are following:


I know, some of the jewelry pieces are still left to style. I’ll pair them soon as well and post on my instagram and facebook 

And don’t forget to visit NomiCollection  for more amazing jewelry designs. They have really creative verity of watches, rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Do follow them of instagram NomiCollection and facebook nomicollection as well.

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Top 3 Hairstyle Trends – 2017

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I am back after a long long time with the most interesting topic for girls, how to style your hair according to the latest trends and today i am going to tell you some of the hair trends which i think those are totally going to rock in this year 2017.

 Poker Straight:

So the first look is Poker Straight hair, which looks really sleek, chic and stylish. Everybody thinks Poker Straight hair is really simple to get but there are curtain dos and don’ts to get this hair style and i’ll go to take you through them.

So i’m going to start from middle partitioning the hair, secondly make sure there is no tangles in your hair because if there is more tangles then more sleekness will go away, use wide tooth comb and straightener for removing all tangles, the idea of this look is straighten your crown part as well, do not skip that part because you will lose all the sleekness if you do so. Once your hair look straight it’s time to straighten the bottom hair even further more to get the Poker Straight hair look. Once that’s done the ends might look a little bit dry, so you need to add some shine spree or hair tonic on the ends of your hair to finish this look. you can also pin-up one side or both sides behind your hair to put extra dimension. The sleek hairstyle looks best on the round and chubby faces.

 There are some of my pictures in this hairstyle:


Top Bun:

So the second look is a Top Bun, the Top Bun look really adorable and sassy, and the hair left down with the lose curls pull together look in a very beautiful manner.

So first you need to get half section of your hair that you want to put in a bun from the rest of the hair, comb them through, the higher you go the better it will look, once you achieve the height start twisting it and put it together in a bun and remember bun should go top like a nowt, it should be sightly flatten. Once you achieve the bun secure it using a rubber band or some bobby pins. Now the bun is done, it’s time to outward curl your front hair also pull little bit of fringe hair outside and curl fringe hair as well, go easy on the fringes because the section is small and you don’t want to burn your hair.

This hairstyle is perfect for the people who have heart shaped face and even on square shaped face because it really along-ends your face and it gives you proper dimension.

Here are some of my pictures to testing out this look:


Rope Braid Hairstyle:

Next look is a Rope Braid look, it’s very cute with the element shape to it the rope braid going top of your head like a hairband.

To make a rope braid first take a section of hair from behind your ear, so it doesn’t look like you’re faking it from the top portion and it gives you an illusion of a headband. Once you taken the section you need to divided in to two half, so here is a trick, you need to start twisting the first section towards inside, twist the other section inward as well. When you done twisting both the sections inwards it’s time to twist both sections among each other without losing the twist that there already in. Once you done twisting and get the end of the braid, take the braid up to the other side of the head like the hairband and secure it using the bobby pin. Cover the pin with your hair.

This is very casual and a late back hairstyle, it is best on oval shaped face but mostly suits everyone. There are some of my pictures in this look:


I hope you guys like these looks and don’t forget to tag me when you recreate them.

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{Review}- Muggay

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Today i’m back with my new post and it’s about the Pakistan’s largest online mug selling business Muggay

Let me tell you how it starts,

The rise of entrepreneurship in the country has encouraged a new wave of young entrepreneurs and innovators to come forward, and experiment with their own ideas. Two such entrepreneur-minded individuals from LUMS established an online portal for selling uniquely-designed mugs, and within four months it has become the largest online mug selling business in Pakistan.

Faran Tanvir and Zain Rehman, two LUMS graduates from the class of BSc (Honors) 2015, were quite interested in starting their own entrepreneurial venture and after a good lot of thinking, they decided to go with mugs. This led to Muggay, a Facebook page which is a full-fledged shopping portal for all kind of uniquely designed mugs.

Few days back i got a mail from Muggay which contains a beautiful Truck Art mug.. That was having so eye catching and unique kind of design which can not be easily available in market if we go to find it. The Mug was so light weighted yet holding the mug will not over heated your hands. Here are some of my pictures with Mug:



You can either supply your own design, picture, personalized message or choose from hundreds of their uniqe and creative options. Available in a range of colors and layouts their digitally printed mugs are great for home or office.

They have not only managed to sell loads of mugs to regular consumers, but have also received bulk orders and distribution offers from local companies and international firms respectively. Currently, have a whole host of different categories of mugs, including a Truck Art, Desi Swag collection, Movie Shovie, the Chibbay Mugs, Motivational Mugs and even a customized mugs option. Most of their success is down to their incredible customer service. Excited by the uniqueness of the mugs, the social media users in Pakistan have taken a liking to them but what’s really pleasing the customers is the incredible experience of shopping online with such ease.

If you are interested in buying from Muggay, all you have to do is head over to their Facebook page, find the mug you want to buy, copy the code shown in the product description and fill this form. There are no delivery charges!

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Guys! Today i’m back with my new post about, it’s online store with a lot of beauty products, you must check their facebook page.. (i’ll drop the link in end of this post)


So guys! few weeks back i received a mail from, they send me a beautiful PR package containing a lots of products..


Detailed pictures are below:


  • Peel Off Nail Polish.
  • Striping Tape for nail art.


  • Two shades of Creamy Highlighters.


  • Stencil for Smokey Eyes.


  • 12 Pressed Glitters.
  • Two eye-shadow Brushes.

Quick Review:

  1. Highlighters are super creamy, i just love them.
  2. Glitters are so satisfying, you can use on eyes or any where if you want to look glittery.
  3. Stencils helps a lot to make smokey eyes, without this newbies can mess up their eyes.
  4. Nail art Stripping tape is in golden color and it’s so easy to use.

I used all of these products and i’m much satisfied with the stuff they are giving to their customers, i highly recommend to try their products.

I made two designs from their giving Stripping Tape, Pictures are below:



You can make a lots of designs by using these beautiful strapping tapes.

Beside this, i used their highlighters and glitters and made this beautiful look, pictures are below:byVMXa1Z.jpg

To make this look i used two shades of glitters:



Beside this i used black and golden eyeshadows, mascara, eyeliner & red lipstick is mandatory lol.

and one thing more, i used Highlighter from at the corner of my eye and lower space of my eyebrow & on my cheek bone, to give the finishing and fine look, it’s so important. The highlighter shade i’ve used is below:


This is supper creamy and so easy to blend, you must try this ❤

Close pictures of my eyes are below:



P.s: i’m not pro in makeup, it’s just my first try, so ignore the errors :p Contact Details:

You can order these adorable products by visiting the links below:




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Salina Cosmetics – ORGLOW


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Guys! Today i’m back with my experience about ORGLOW Instant Organic Brightening Mask. First became aware of Salina Taqi and the incredible work she does, She launched her cosmetics line, Salina Cosmetics with Gelish Nail Polishes. These gel paints offer two week long manicures that never chip or lose their shine. Heaven sent for nail polish lovers!

Orglow is a recent brand that that signifies an organic glow for your skin. Salina Taqi has done one hell of a job coming up with this amazing product. All ingredients of the mask are organic and no harmful chemical exist. It claims to be handmade with love and 100% natural ingredients.

Orglow mask looks like a mixture of several well grounded herbs and natural ingredients and gives a nice grainy/ crumbly feeling upon touch. It has a light smell that reminds me of medicines given by local hakeems as their meds are also herbs and natural ingredients.
Benifits of ORGLOW Facial Mask.
  • Brightens.
  • Tightens.
  • Whitens the skin.

How to use:

  • Add one tablespoon of fresh yogurt.


  • Take one leveled tablespoon of Orglow Face Brightening Mask.


  • Now mix it thoroughly to make fine paste.


  • Apply it evenly on face & neck with the help of facial brush.


  •  Apply  this paste on face and neck for 5-10 minutes.
  • Rinse off gently with very light circular movements.
  • Please don’t rub off on skin.


It results are amazing. Best for instant glow in just 5-10 minutes with pure natural ingredients.

  • For dry skin add few drops of glycerin and for oily skin add few drops of rose water.
  • I am having normal skin therefore i didn’t added anything.
  • This facial mask is for all skin types.

Top Tip:

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Use Sunblock.
  • And SMILE. ^_^

For More Details Visit The Links Below:

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OUSSLEY – Natural Seaweed Facial Mask.


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Guys! Today i’m back with my new post about OUSSLEY Seaweed Facial Mask. I recently tried this Seaweed Mask and it’s really amazing. It truly made of natural Seaweed and works for instant glow & moisturization. ❤

OUSSLEY has wide range of Facial Mask & Serum some of them are, Skin whitening & Fairness Serum, Anti-aging & Skin Firming, Skin Moisturizing, Dark Spot Correction Beauty Serum and Natural Seaweed Facial Mask, Antioxidant Facial Mask, Anti-Wrinkle and many more! They have hands & foot care products as well.. I’ll provide a link in the last for all other details.

What i get after using OUSSLEY Seaweed Facial Mask.

  • Instead Glow.
  • It Effectively Treats Acne.
  • Excellent Skin Moisturizer.
  • Provides Anti-Aging Effect.
  • Reduces Dermatitis.
  • Treats Rosacea.
  • Antioxidant.
  • Significantly Increase Skin Metabolism.

How to use:

  1. Place the OUSSLEY Facial Seaweed Mask in the tray or in a flat plate.


2. Dip in water with brown side upward for 30-60 second.


(Thoroughly clean and dry your skin, before applying OUSSLEY Facial Seaweed Mask.)

3. Lift the mask carefully and from brown side, extend the mask onto the face, gently smoothen the mask with fingers to make it perfectly attach onto the face.


4. Relax yourself and enjoy 20-30 minute of fashionable beauty care to make skin thoroughly absorb nutriments from the OUSSLEY Seaweed Facial Mask.


5. Remove the seaweed facial mask when dry, then wash your face thoroughly.

You will get your skin hydrated and natural glow in just 20-30 minutes. ❤



I really enjoyed this beauty ride, now it’s your turn to try this miracle treatment. ❤

To order OUSSLEY Seaweed Facial Mask visit their facebook page:

For more information about OUSSLEY products visit the link blow:

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Oriflame – Beauty Consultancy.


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Folks! Today i’m here to tell you about Oriflame Cosmetic & Skin care company based in Sweden. Oriflame present in more than 60 countriesit is a leading beauty company Selling Direct. Attention here!!!  Selling Direct means this company sales their products through their consultants, without consultancy no one can buy their skin care products. You can’t find their original products in market.

I’m really glad to reveal that i’m Oriflame Beauty Consultant I’ve joined Oriflame few weeks back and what a warm welcome they just did ❤

Facts About Oriflame.

  • They don’t sale skin care product without consultancy.
  • They don’t sale their product in market.
  • No Online Store.
  • Products based on natural ingredients.
  • Products not tested on animals.
  • 5 production units worldwide.
  • They have solution of almost every skin care or hair problem.


Basically this post is about to aware you guys, not to use any kind of skin care product without any consultancy, Oriflame is the only company which gives you products with free consultancy.

Being Oriflame Consultant, you can discuss with me any kind of skin and hair problem if you have been facing. I will consult you a product according to your skin type and age, plus i’ll place your order for pure original products, if you want to cure your problem.

Oriflame has 1000+ products for all skin types, ages and problems. If you are facing Dull skin, Pimples, Dark Circles, Hair fall, split ends, damaged hair or any other issues related to your skin and hair just drop me an Email or message me on facebook for a Free consultancy. You will not disappoint by using their products, i promise!

For Consultancy, you can message me anytime on my any social media profile, links are below:

Or You can drop an Email at

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Khas – Home & Fashion Wear


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Guys! Today i’m back with my new post and i’m pretty much excited to tell you guys about my experience with Khas brand.

Let me tell you about the specialty of this brand, it provides home luxurious accessories and luxurious fashionable wear collection at the same place. You can shop Bedding, Living, Bath Accessories, Kitchen Accessories, Decorative Accessories and Unstitched & Ready to wear Dresses. I will put their link in the end so you can go and check them out. They’re also offering discount on selected items which is going to end really soon, so grab the best before it flies off the racks.

Few days back i received a Mail from Khas, They sent me a beautiful Silk Kurta in my all time favorite color black, this Kurta was having a pretty digital printing, it’s so elegant and eye catching. I paired this Kurta with black tights and Black high heels to complete the perfect combination of this look ❤ i let my hair open with red lipstick is just so mandatory lol

Here are my pics below:





I just loved this ravishing piece of their silk collection. It is so soft and comfortable to wear.

Go check out their page:  and also check their website to find more affordable dresses ❤ Style yourself with

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